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Perhaps you think of yourself as a Mac whiz and are wondering if you can learn something new. Maybe you consider yourself a Mac novice. Perhaps you bought one because it looked nice, but you know nothing about how to use the device. Do not worry. You aren’t alone. This list is a collection of tips and tricks that we hope will help you make use of Macs more efficiently. We’ve compiled our top tips to get the best out of your MacBook and iMac, regardless of whether you have been using Macs for years or are new.

Mac already has keyboard shortcuts built in by the developers. For example, Command + Space Bar opens Spotlight. However, you can add your own shortcuts to any app. All you need is to be able to identify the name of your desired menu command.

You can create a shortcut by opening System Settings. To do this, tap the Apple icon in the top-left corner of the screen, select it from the menu that appears, and finally, click on Keyboard. Open ‘Keyboard Shortcuts,’ then select App Shortcuts. Then, click on the + sign and choose macbook pro m2 price in srilanka the application for which you wish to create the shortcut. Enter the menu command you would like to use and finally enter the key combination you desire.

You can easily rename a bunch of files on Mac as long as your Mac OS is Yosemite. Select the file group you want to batch-rename. To highlight multiple files, click one file and hold the shift key. Click on the group you want to rename and right-click. You can also select the circle that has three dots at the center from the menu.

It is easy to capture a screen shot on Mac. Either you can capture your whole screen or just a part of it. The screenshots will both be saved automatically to your desktop. They will then appear at the bottom-right corner, where you can mark them up. You might have thought that you had to physically sign a document before scanning it. Thankfully, there’s a better way. Signing PDFs is possible directly through the Mail app, which means you won’t waste paper.

To sign the PDF, you’ll first need to drag it into an email in Mail. Hovering over the image will reveal a small button in top-right corner. Select ‘Markup’ from here. When the PDF opens, you will find a “signature” option on the top. This is the icon that has a squiggle shaped like a handwritten signature and a crossed out left. Choose a previous signature or create one. To create a brand new signature you can use your iPhone to make a drawing, the trackpad of your Mac, or write it on paper, then place it in front of the webcam.

From this point, you will see different apps on the left, and the app on which you are currently working becomes the frontmost. Different windows from the same app are stacked one on top the other. To use multiple apps simultaneously, drag other apps to the already-opened app. It will appear as a search bar. This can be used to search for specific files, programs, or questions, and also for currency and unit conversions. Type what you wish to convert into the search field.


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